Otis was born in Africa - “Mozambique”, in a small town named Inhanbane. Today he lives in Lisbon, Portugal. Twenty five years ago he’s father was responsible for his actual profession as a Saxophonist. Even against his will, he was obliged to attend Music School. He descends from a humble family. His father was a regional city band maestro.

Today, Otis is considered a great professional saxophonist... Great musical influences as the master of saxophone of all times – Grover W. Jr., is indeed Otis’s inspiration, stimulating his contribution to the ramification of Fusion Music. Otis conjugations of sounds seek the harmony with all musical periods, as can be hear in several CD’s.

Counting already with 7 edited CD’s, the latest one came to light in June 2010, together with Tito Paris. Tito is no doubt, one of the best singers and living testimonies of Cape Verdean music... Far from imagining the final product of this latest album, this surprising experience gave origin to beautiful - “Mozamverde”.

Endless lines could be written here on his Curriculum. Nevertheless, it is impossible to overlook the tremendous privilege in 1999 to play his art in the United Nations head quarters in New York, for the secretary general Kofi Annan. “Mozamverde” has life it plays, it sings, and it talks about the beautiful land of Otis and Tito.

The attractive exotic sounds of the “Islands”, such as mornas, coladeras and marambentas are blended with several music influences. Illustration of this passion can be seen through the artistic name Otis… Otis Redding…